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The ND LOR company has been closely connected with UNEX since its establishment. We have purchased the division of excavators from this company, including the license for their production and service, and we still cooperate in the facilities of one plant. The main subject of our cooperation with UNEX is the service of giant bucket-wheel excavators. We provide all services for bucket-wheels excavators especially in Eastern European countries. However, we also collaborate in the shovel excavators section, which ND LOR produce now, particularly during manufacture of large booms and other large parts of our excavators.

We are successors of the nearly 70 years tradition of engineering production in Uničov. There were manufactured over 8500 shovel excavators, besides large number of produced cranes, wheel-bucket excavators, steel structures and other products. About half of total production was exported to almost 60 countries on five continents. ND LOR's goal is providing complete services for these machines and continue in development of Czech engineering haritage.

Areál ND LOR & UNEX Uničov

Background in great machinery plant

We are also able to fulfill the individual customer´s wishes for special excavator configurations. We can find the appropriate solution and then design and manufacture fully tailored. For larger and more demanding requirements, we use the background of the entire Uničov plant, which offers a wide range of technological options for processing products - from the smallest ones, which weighing only a few tens of grams to the heaviest and largest units weighing up to 120 tons. Cooperation with UNEX, which is a traditional Czech engineering-metallurgical concern, takes place mainly during in the production of castings, cut shapes, forgings and big welded steel structures.

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