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Ready 24 hours per day

Thanks to many years of experiences and perfect knowledge of our excavators we can help you with any faults that may occur. We are able to do most of service works in your workplace. It is because of these machines are usually heavy and big than to transport it easily. Thanks to our quick and professional service, you safe your time and costs and your machine can return to full operation soon. We manufacture all spare parts by ourselves and maintain their stock, so you don't have to wait for their supplies as with other brands.

Head of service

Oldřich Vymazal
tel: +420 585 073 360
fax:+420 585 073 366
mobil: +420 606 759 663
e-mail: vymazal@ndlor.cz

Change of Unex E 303 undercarriage

Change of Unex E 303 electric rope shovel undercarriage

Disassembly of E 303 rope shovel engine room

Disassembly of E 303 rope shovel engine room

Assembly of UNEX E 303-1 rope shovel

Montáž rypadla UNEX E 303